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10 Ways to be True to Yourself

As women we do a lot for others, we’ve been trained this way! Today however take some time to be “True to You”.

I’ve listed some of the strategies that you can use below to guide you to your own personal truth 🙂

1. What feels right feels light. If something feels heavy or you feel constricted in your heart space or anxious, then this is not right for you!

2. Ask yourself “Whose Problem is this?” Women can fall into the habit of picking up everyone else’s problems. We don’t have to fix things for other people, (in fact by doing that we disempower them).

3. Focus on your strengths instead of the things that you find difficult. This is where you shine.

4. Do one thing today for pleasure that is just about you, not anyone else.

5. Become your own best friend. Often we treat other people better than we treat ourselves. Get to know yourself, regularly have little check-ins, “How am I traveling today?”, “Am I feeling more tired than usual?”, “Are my needs being met?” etc.

6. Set your boundaries – being a pushover doesn’t serve anyone, you just end up feeling resentful.

7. Don’t let your thoughts and emotions drive youyou drive them

Take responsibility for yourself. Lots of people have a history of trauma or negative past experiences but don’t let this define you. Take responsibility for your own healing and who you want to be today.

9. Meditate to gain insight. Sometimes when we become stuck we feel as though we don’t know which direction to go in or how to get out of a particular situation. By quietening your mind you give the answers the space to come. See our Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism Retreat in Dharamshala for more help regarding creating emotional balance in life.

10. Nurture your inner child, she knows who you are and what you need 🙂

Be you, because that’s all you can be, and because you are fabulous! Tammie

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