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13 ways to make the most of your time after work

Sometimes after work you feel so depleted you just want to stick something in the microwave and then mindlessly chew on it whilst watching TV. I’m sorry to sound like your Mum but you need to take better care of yourself! Including injecting some meaningful activities into your evenings, this will create some much needed self care and connection in your life. Try these 13 tips below for and enhanced after work life.

  1. Separate work from home. This means using a transitional activity to consciously leave work at work i.e. the drive home in the car, getting into the elevator at work. If I’ve had a particularly stressful day at work and there’s the risk that I could bring my stress home and my transitional event hasn’t helped I go straight from the car to the garden and the people in my family know just to give me 10 minutes to unwind, sometimes even leaving a cup of tea on the back steps.
  2. Saving some of your best self for home. People appear to often use up their best selves at work not leaving anything in the tank for when they get home. Show some enthusiasm about the end of day and your home life.
  3. If you live with others have a greeting ritual which may include a hug, chat about the day or a cup of tea. If you live alone have your own ritual/routine you do everyday to signify this is now home time! Taking off the bra always works for me.
  4. Unplug – have a period of time when you are not looking at a screen, at least an hour, tidy the house, cook dinner, go for a walk, lie on the ground and put your legs up the wall, just unplug.
  5. Get sweaty – if you didn’t do your workout in the morning now is your time for 30 minutes of activity, walk, dance, vacuum move your body!
  6. Cultivate a hobby, something that brings you pleasure and a sense of time drifting. Immerse yourself in your creativity.
  7. Plan your next great escape. You know a retreat is the perfect way to distress, reclaim your you time and give yourself something to look forward to.
  8. Limit your TV watching – Allow yourself a set amount of time each day for TV (this will change your life people, really). It helps to use a HD recorder to record the TV programs you want to watch and then you can fast forward the ads giving you back countless minutes of your life. Or engage in some inspirational TV like Gaiam TV.
  9. Do a mind, body, soul, practice. Yes you gotta connect to you. Yoga, meditation, chanting, Nia dance, find your thing and spend your reclaimed TV time doing this for an hour or so.
  10. Socialise – hang out with friends and make sure you laugh, (or cry) depending on the day your having. At least twice a week.
  11. Watch the sunset, what better way to end your day than watching the sunset. Take a moment to appreciate your life and the fact that today was another amazing day, one that will never come again, have gratitude.
  12. Have a skin care routine, you don’t need to use fancy products, you can cleanse your face with baking powder or coconut oil, amazing try it. In winter exfoliate and moisturise your whole body.
  13. Have a night-time ritual that allows you at least 8 hours sleep and starts to ready you for bed an hour before you hit the sheets.Instead of your afternoons being a void that takes you from one work day to the next, make them the thing you look forward to most in your day.

Tammie Day is a Queensland-based Counsellor, Social Worker, Yoga and Nia teacher and Workshop/Retreat Facilitator, and the founder of Vibrant Women Find out more about Tammie here.

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