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9 things to do in 90 minutes before 9am

Not everyone is a morning person, you may be more of a 9 things to do before 9pm kinda person. However there is something totally freeing about having gotten things out of the way in the morning so after work you can just relax.

Here’s our list of great ways to start the day.

  1. Neck rolls – start your day by limbering your neck after sleep. You can even do it whilst still in bed just by drawing circles on the ceiling with your nose. Make sure you go in both directions.
  2. Drink some water with a squeeze of lemon. Packed with antioxidants and having a alkalising effect, a glass of water with the juice of half a lemon revitalises the body and mind.
  3. Moved it for 30 minutes – Tai Chi/walking/yoga/stretching. this will energise you for the day ahead.
  4. Oil pulling. Put a tablespoon of cold-pressed organic oil in your mouth, swish it around for 10 minutes, and then spit it into the bin. Coconut oil is good. However, this practice is most traditionally done with sesame or sunflower oil. Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic ritual, introduced to the modern world in 1992 by Dr F Karach MD. He claimed that oil pulling could cure a variety of illnesses, ranging from heart disease and digestive troubles to hormonal disorders. Can be combined with having a shower if short for time.
  5. Take a mindful shower. Really just stay in the moment and try not to project onto the day ahead, just savour this delicious slice of time to yourself.
  6. Make a green smoothie. If you’ve got a bullet blender they all have travel mugs these days so no excuse not to take it with you if you don’t have time for brekky at home.
  7. Set your intention for the day. Even write an affirmation that you carry with you to remind you of how you want to be in the world today. What are you currently trying to cultivate more of in life.
  8. Tell your family and pets that you love them and that you hope they have a good day. Mostly we are harried in the mornings so it’s nice to make your partings special, setting the tone for everyone’s day. If you live alone tell yourself or when you get to work tell a colleague, (um perhaps not that you love them).
  9. Visualise one good thing that you thing that you think will happen today (again, best not to involve a colleague, we all know how that ends). It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t happen, just thinking about it has increased your wellbeing!

We think this takes about 90 minutes all up, so set you alarm clock and change your whole day in the first 90 minutes.

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