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Gettin Hygge with it!

Amongst the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the year for 2016 was “Hygge” a Danish term defined as “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” Pronounced “hoo-ga,” the word is said to have no direct translation in English, though “cozy” comes close. It derives from a sixteenth-century Norwegian term, hugga, meaning “to comfort” or “to console,” which is related to the English word “hug.”

Coziness equals getting rugged up in cool weather, hot chocolate, and woolly socks in front of the fire, the complete opposite of the weather we’re experiencing right now. However, hygge is a lifestyle movement that is also about taking the time to enjoy the simple and good things in life, and the Danish people are clearly onto something as they often rank as the happiest people in the world. 

With this in mind, we can hygge any time of the year, including when temperatures hit over 35 degrees. Here are 12 ways to get your hygge on in the heat.

  1. Of course head into the water, wherever that may be, a cold shower, ocean, river or pool and then lay under a tree for a while staring at the leaves. Water is so soothing for the soul. 

  2. Make something cool to eat. Semifreddo, gazpacho, affogato or try some homemade ice-blocks. Here are 60 recipes for homemade ice-blocks for you to try, cool down from the inside out.

  3. Give yourself a cooling foot and leg massage. Try Perfect Potions Cooling Foot and Leg Lotion, better still get someone else to do it. This type of self care if very hygge, give yourself a hug while you are at it. 

  4. Phone a friend, even though you may not be able to muster the energy to get outside, you know how great friends are for nurturing your spirit, catch up with someone you haven’t spoken to for a while and make each others day.

  5. Create an indoor garden room with plants and fresh flowers. Did you know that indoor plants actually lower the temperature of your house, well they do! Plus they filter the air you breathe reducing carbon dioxide and pollutants. 

  6. Head to an air-conditioned venue, whether it be the movies, a bowling alley or a shopping centre, grab the family/friends and take advantage of someone else’s cool space. 

  7. Read a book or watch a movie set in a a freezing location, brrrrr… sure to cool you down and also magic you away into another world, as you sip your affogato or perhaps a frozen daiquiri. 

  8. Drop into a creative space, paint, draw, cook, compose, just let your spirit and time be whisked away as you enter into a flow state of being. 

  9. End your day with some restorative yoga poses, even just legs up the wall or savasana, just focus on the breath and notice how cooling the air is as it enters the nostrils, ahhhh … just breathe and relax.

  10. Create a cooling body spritzer using essential oils

    Lavender – 2 drops
    Peppermint – 1 drop
    Eucalyptus Lemon – 1 drop
    Emulsifier – 4-5 drops
    Distilled water 2 oz
    Body Spray Base 2 oz.

    Blend essential oils and Emulsifier together and add to the distilled water and Body Spray Base in spray bottle. Shake well before and during use. Refrigerate for up to 2-4 weeks. 

  11. Buy a watermelon or tray of mangoes and share with the neighbours, this is best done whilst wearing a swimming suit and finished with a run under the sprinkler

  12. Give yourself the gift of a “Nothing Day” do nothing and don’t feel bad about it! This obviously includes napping, preferably in a hammock, with someone feeding you peeled grapes, whilst fanning you. 

Whatever you do this summer make sure to get Hygge with it 🙂

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