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How I stopped myself from killing Granddad!

We all lead busy and stressful lives these days that have many layers of complexity. I personally have had a challenging start to 2016 with the death of a relative, illness of another and taking shared responsibility for the care of my 94 year old Grandfather. A man who keeps his kitkats in the margarine, (we don’t know why) but apart from that is mostly sane and completely deaf. As you get older it also appears that you lose all social awareness, which in one way is very liberating, but mostly just embarrassing, annoying or plain disgusting, I won’t embellish with examples from the dining table or bathroom.


Being with someone who cannot hear is frustrating for both parties, having the TV blaring on volume 90 is also quite stressful. If you have read any of my blogs or attended my retreats you will know that I am a great fan of Mindfulness and in most situations I find it useful, especially focusing on the breath, (this may actually slow you down enough to stop you from killing someone). However mindfulness is about giving your full attention to whatever is happening at the moment, and anything that is happening at the moment I am usually trying to avoid! So I try to be compassionate, take walks, sit in the garden, wear earplugs, practice acceptance, remind myself to smile, breathe, go to yoga, get support from outside agencies, talk to my mum, go for drives and remind myself that I too will be old one-day and hope that someone will tolerate and care for me, (if I start fart trumpeting in time with my walking though, put me down).

Still of course even with all of these amazing resources, I have feelings – frustration, irritation, resentment, anxiety … and these feelings I know if I let them take over, will become habit forming that’s what happens, and as I have been afflicted with a habit of worrying in the past I don’t want that to happen again. Since it is unlikely my circumstances will change in the short term and to ameliorate the risk of killing my Grandfather, I regularly started taking Bushflower Essences. I have the full 69 essence stock kit and am a trained Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner so I know how to make blends and I can make myself personal blends, which is very fortunate. I have used these flower essences for many years, sporadically and with my counselling clients with really great results but have never taken them religiously, (I didn’t need to before!) I know they work because I have used them personally and have many testimonials from people I have worked with but I had forgotten how effective they actually are and how subtly they change your mind and your mood, in short they are magic, or perhaps ancient wisdom, bottled, could be that too. Just 7 drops under the tongue twice a day, really its too easy. Perfect for emotional blocks that you have been working on for years and have been unable to shift. Great for people who feel that they have tried everything and have little energy for treatments that require more commitment. In the short I think they have saved Granddads life 🙂


Bushflower Essences have been used for generations dating back to ancient times and they were known then to be able to unlock the inner wisdom.

Flower essences are herbal infusions or decoctions, made from the flowering part of the plant, which uniquely address emotional and mental aspects of wellness.

Emotional and negative experiences in our lives have a consequence to the physical body and research is now proving that our emotions can cause disease states and continually obstruct our fulfillment in life.

Medical science now recognises that stress and negative mind states can alter body chemistry and create physical disease. Traditional Chinese Medicine acknowledged centuries ago that the correlation of emotions undermines different bodily organs and if not dealt with they would cause symptoms of disease.

With the use of Bushflower Essences the healing of the physical, mental and spiritual body is addressed so gently, yet definitively.

Bushflower Essences help bring about emotional balance and unblock negative, destructive thought patterns.

Bushflower Essences can be included into your daily life, used for acute conditions, stress, anxiety, fear etc.

They are beneficial in the treatment of children, adults, pets and even plants with no contraindications!

You may have heard of Rescue Remedy or the Bach Flowers which are great I just prefer the Australian ones.

I have created 21 blends useful for common issues that I have encountered over 17 years of counselling. You can view our blends here, otherwise if you have something specific that we have not covered just email tammie@vibrantwomen.com.au and we can create a bespoke blend for you.

Don’t become homicidal just take Bush Flower Essences to calm the cray cray!  

The wise nurture their mind and body…


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