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How to choose the right retreat or Inspirational Journey for you – Take the Quiz

Circle one answer for each question below that most responds to your retreat and travel needs.


A. I just like to get away from it all – location doesn’t matter

B. I like sunny, tropical destinations

C. I don’t mind, but it has to have a little bit of luxury


A. Less than $1500

B. $1500 – $2000

C. Over $2000


A. I want to learn a new skill 

B. I want to learn to quieten my mind and develop inner peace and focus on well-being

C. I want an adventure and sightseeing

Teacher Attributes:

A. I like someone who is upbeat and full of beans

B. I like someone who has a calming effect

C. I don’t mind about personality as long as they are respectful, competent and confident


A. My primary purpose is to try something new or re-awaken something I have lost

B. I like someone who includes meditation and mindfulness in their Retreats

C. Day Spa and massages are my priority with a splash of culture

Occupancy – Solo or Sharing:

A. Sharing is good

B. I love my friends but I like to travel on my own

C. It doesn’t bother me. I can travel with friends or on my own – I enjoy both experiences


A. I prefer to have some meals included in my package

B. I prefer to have all meals included in my package

C. I like to have breakfast included, but enjoy the holiday experience of dining out too


A. I’m not too fussy but it has to be clean and comfortable

B. At least a three stars with nice surroundings

C. I like a little bit of luxury and am prepared to pay for it

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If you chose mostly A’s, the retreats that would suit you best are:

Re-Awakening the Senses Retreat Mount Alford – November 2017

If you chose mostly B’s:

Deep Peace Detox Retreat – April 2017 – Ubud – Bali 

Raw Food Fun and Fundamentals Retreat – April 2017 – Ubud – Bali

Women’s Mindfulness Retreat in Bali – August 2017

Womens Meditation Retreat – September 2017 – Bali

If you chose mostly C’s: 

Women’s Art & Soul Retreat – May 2017 – Ubud – Bali

The Best Exotic Marigold New Years Adventure – December 2017 & 2018 – India

Magic in Morocco – January 2018

Ancient and Enchanting Egypt – February 2018

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