Amman ~ Dead Sea ~ Petra ~ Wadi Rum ~ Aqaba

 This tour starts and ends in Amman Jordan

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which once captivated ancient travelers, continues to enthrall a whole new generation as a modern, vibrant nation.

Images of the ancient Nabataean city of Petra, carved from the rock over a thousand years ago, have long been most people’s first impression of Jordan. 

But, while Petra is indeed one of the most stunning attractions in the Middle East, Jordan offers so much more for the modern traveler. 

A well-traveled bridge between sea and desert, east and west, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a land of mesmerizing beauty and contrasts, from the Jordan Valley, fertile, ever changing, to the remote desert canyons, immense and still. Visitors can explore splendid desert landscapes, gaze in awe at the haunting wilderness of Wadi Rum, or bathe in the restful waters of the Red Sea. 

Modern Jordan was founded by King Abdullah I after World War I. It was ruled by his grandson, the late King Hussein, for 46 years until his death in 1999, when his son, King Abdullah II, assumed the throne. Jordan has grown into a modern nation that has enjoyed a remarkable measure of peace, stability and economic growth in recent decades.

There is no mistaking the fact that Jordan is a Kingdom steeped in history and culture. 

From the moment you arrive, you get a sense of its rich heritage; all around are remnants of ancient civilizations long since passed, yet they still remain, stamped into the very fabric of this amazing Kingdom and etched into the soul of the people who live here.

Trip Highlights

Your Host - Suzanne Weller

Hi ..I’m Suzanne,

I love history in all forms; ancient, family & local. So travelling to the Middle East is my happy place. I also love slow travel & sitting in a coffee shop, reading & people watching is my kind of relaxation. I enjoy an early morning walk, a good stretch & have massages everywhere I travel. I’m also a lover of cats, cows & food… I believe we are all works in progress.

I believe people the world over want peace, safety & love. I believe the Universe will work its magic so best to embrace it. I am committed to encouraging women to travel, be brave & feel safe. 


A $500 deposit is required to secure your spot on this tour. The remainder is due 75 days prior to departure. 

*If you combine Egypt and Jordan tours you receive a $200 discount. The discount is already applied on the booking form. 


What is not included


This tour has a lot of walking and requires a moderate level of fitness. Petra is a large site. You need to be fairly fit to attend this tour. 


You can add the the Egypt Tour to the Jordan Tour on the reservation form

From the enigmatic aura of the Sphinx to the imposing glory of the Pyramids, imagine stepping into the Land of the Pharaohs and discovering the exotic charms of evocative Egypt with our wonderful Egyptologist.

This will offer you the opportunity to extend your stay in the Middle East , with a small group, we provide safe, tailormade women’s only tours.  Visit Cairo, Luxor, The Nile River and Aswan. The highlights of Egypt. These are truly once in a lifetime adventures. 

"I had a great time. The holiday was so well organised with lovely personal touches. The activities were well thought out with a great variety of things to do. The group was a lot of fun and I would love to travel with any of them again. A laid back, fun experience. Good accommodation, heaps of fun and good food."
"l have travelled with Tammie on many retreats: Bali, Fiji, Vanuatu, Awaba, Mount Alford and Port Douglas. Each tour is a different experience with the same amount of care taken to ensure you feel safe and well catered for. There is always the right amount of adventure, local experiences and down time. The camaraderie between the women is warm and often hilarious. Tammie's organisational skills and attention to detail are smooth and seamless, which make for a most enjoyable experience."


Passport, Journal, Camera, Prescription Medication, Converter Plug & Chargers, Swim Shoes and  swimmers for Dead Sea and perhaps goggles. Also weather may be cool especially overnight in the desert and early mornings. Bring long pants and jumpers and clothes that can be layered as it heats up during the day.

 The local currency is JD – Jordanian Dinar We recommend USD if you bring cash

A travel card is also a good back up with USD

ATM’s and money changers are easily found. 

As you are travelling with an authorised tour operator your entrance visa is waived.

There will be several opportunities to spend your tourist dollars although Jordan is not known for its bargains. 

Please consider the exchange rate and value before you make a purchase.

Please allow yourself a small daily budget, around USD$10-15 for snacks, tea, coffee, soft drink etc

Depending on your itinerary you will also have to purchase you lunch or dinner each day.

Breakfast is included at all hotels

Room service, laundry etc will also be at your own expense

Our rates do not include any kind of travel insurance and each guest must make sure to arrange his own necessary insurance prior arrival to Jordan. We will do everything possible to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. However, all travel involves some degree of risk and uninsured activities like horse riding in Petra, Carriages in Petra, Jeeps in Wadi Rum, Camel riding etc, we strongly recommend that you take out appropriate travel insurance for your adventure. 

Your insurance protection should include cover for cancellation, medical and repatriation expenses, personal injury and accident, death and loss of personal baggage and money and personal liability. Insurance cover offered by credit card companies or reciprocal medical cover agreements are often not comprehensive please check this before travelling. Or contact our preferred Travel Insruance provider “Travel with Jane”.

 Jordanian cuisine is influenced by its geographical location. You will get to taste a variety of North African, Persian, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern food.

*Please let us know of any allergies **Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate complex dietary requirements only anaphylaxis allergies. To travel with us if you have specific dietary needs you will need to be able to manage these yoruself without it impacting on the rest of the group.

◊ Water: We recommend you drink bottled water throughout your stay in Jordan. It is fine for showering, washing clothes etc

◊ Alcohol: Available in most hotel bars however don’t be surprised if have a night or two without your favourite beverage as some hotels are ‘dry’.

Is a part of the Middle Eastern culture with the regular use of ‘shisha pipes’ in local restaurants.

Casual and comfortable! 

Ladies: Long shorts or ¾ length lightweight pants, a selection of wash and wear shirts. Lightweight dresses if you prefer. Knee length or below is good. Take one lightweight jacket, cardigans or jumpers for late night or early morning and warm pants and pyjamas. Scarf for mosque visit and a sarong over your swimmers in resorts. It will be cool in the desert so be sure to pack for very cold nights

◊ Dress Code:  As most of the places we go are tourist areas dress code is very casual. Dress for comfort but  try to avoid anything to revealing or short especially when we visit local places like markets.

◊ Shoes: Please make sure you take comfortable flat walking shoes as most of the sites have un-even ground, desert sand and rocks. Also take at least one pair with nonslip sole.

In November the higher elevations now feel cold, especially at night. Amman—at an elevation of around 3,300 ft (1,000 m)—averages 14°C, with a daily range between 9-21°C. in November, the first biting winds of winter begin to sweep the valleys. Petra’s temperatures average more or less the same as Amman in November.

Bring cold-weather clothing, along with lighter summer clothing for the diminishing warm sunny days. Pack sun-lotion, plus a shade hat, sunglasses, and comfortable yet sturdy walking shoes.

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There are public toilets at most of the sites we visit. Most public toilets throughout the Middle East and Europe require payment to the cleaners so try to keep your coins for this. Where possible use your hotel or the restaurants. Always carry a pack of tissues and hand sanitiser with you. 

 Please remember to take enough prescribed medication for duration of the tour.  Chemists are very easy to access and things such as anti-biotics are generally available over the counter.

A moderate level of fitness is required to enjoy all the sites we visit. Some of the days we are out and about all day you do need to be able to walk up to 7km a day and sometimes at pace if we are heading somewhere we need to be on time for like a flight. Other times its more of a stroll however please consider if you think you would hold the group up. We cannot unfortunately have women travel with us who require assistance to walk, for example if you use a walking stick you will not be able to get to many of the sites we visit. 

Photography & Video Shooting in Jordan

Photography in Jordan is widely allowed but if there will be any video shooting then this is not allowed at sites and must be permitted in advance from authorities and this permission usually takes 21 days in advance with certain requirements information needed in advance, please contact us for more information. 

Equipment like big lenses, big zooms, large cameras … etc might be prohibited in Jordan and might be confiscated upon arrival.

Ask permission when taking pictures of someone, especially women. 

Be aware that some traditionally-dressed locals expect some payment when they ‘pose’ outside historic sites, especially in Petra. 

*Drones and wireless planes are not allowed in Jordan at all and will be confiscated at borders on arrival.