Mindfulness – by Andrea Frankish

Andrea attend the  2013 Women’s Mindfulness Retreat in Bali. She shared this piece with me and I asked if I could share it with you, she kindly agreed.

This morning I went for my first walk in ten days. 

Up until today  I have struggled to get from the bedroom to the kitchen without being fatigued. 

After six days on natural herbal concoctions I am slowly feeling a little more energetic.

It took me an hour to walk what usually takes me thirty minutes…..

Today I consciously decided to be mindful when walking.

I felt the way my feet connected with the path, the way I held my posture upright and relaxed my shoulders.

The gentle breeze caressed the nap of my neck and cooled my skin like a fan.

I noticed the mother plover selflessly defend her chick from the passing walkers.

The sound of the water lapping on the rock wall  as the ferries passed by effortlessly.

In the distance  I heard the squeal of car tyres.

The climbers on the story bridge enjoying the amazing view of Brisbane city.

I noticed my shadow on the ground following me loyally as I crunched though the fallen leaves.

The sun was very warm as it radiated brightly above and I marvelled at the trees standing dutifully providing shade as children played happily beneath them.

On the way I paused a few times to quench my thirst and enjoy the beauty of the river glistening like a million precious diamonds in the sunlight.

I have walked this path many,  many times  in the last year……. Today was different though as I was ever present in the moment, I saw things and felt things that have probably always been there. 

But rather than just getting out there and exercising to get it over with before getting on to the next task….I opened my eyes to really see and feel the glorious feeling of being mindful………..

Life is so busy from day to day and we miss so much beauty rushing to and fro….

If I can encourage people to embrace the practice of mindfulness, I believe they can enrich their lives and relief some everyday stress ……

Mindfulness is going to be part of my new health regime…….one life,  one chance…..embrace it,  you are worth it.

Namaste ~ Andrea ~  Tammie Day Thank You

To find out more about the 2017 Bali Women’s Mindfulness Retreat click here

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