Kerstin RheinlanderHELP WITH FLIGHTS

We use Kerstin Rheinlander for our flights. Contact details : Mobile: 0448 958 366 Phone: 1-300-024-856 Email:


Facebook: @TravelManagersKerstinRheinlander Instagram: @travelmanagers_kerstinr

Kerstin is familiar with our tours but you need to provide her with your dates of travel. She can also provide you with travel insurance and additional support if you want to extend your tours.

Kerstin’s fees for booking international airline tickets economy and premium economy is $135 (usually $175 discounted for Vibrant Women Travel Guests) 

You can view a list of Kerstin’s terms and conditions and fees HERE

Kerstin’s Work Hours; Due to a high demand for travel enquiries, you can expect a reply to your request within 48 hours (excludes weekends) 

Mon – 9am – 4pm

Tues – 1pm – 5pm 

Wednesday – 9am – 4pm

Thursday 9am – 4pm 

Friday 9am – 2pm