Seeing Life Through a Romantic Mist

I kept cleaning the screen of my phone until I realized with shock and horror that it was not the screen that was making the words blurry. Therefore on a recent trip to Bangkok, I had my eyes tested. “Well, what’s the verdict?” I asked, “You plus 1,” the girl behind the counter told me. “Plus 1?” I’m thinking, “What does that mean? My eyesight can’t be better than normal!”

Eventually, it all became clear (yes it’s a pun), and I paid four times what I would have paid for a pair of +1 glasses from a petrol station in Australia. The staff back at the hotel kept saying, “Lipped off! Tammie got lipped off!!”

On my return home to chilly Australia, I ran myself a bath and ventured in with my book and newly acquired glasses. Now those of you who have done this before will now be smirking, but I did not contemplate my glasses fogging up. I love to read in the bath; OMG what am I going to do? I’ll have to start borrowing the supersize textbooks from the library. In my ignorance I just kept persisting, thinking, “Oh, they will clear in a minute.”

Fortunately, I was reading Susan Duncan’s memoir, “Salvation Creek”, and we were just getting to a steamy part of the story between her and her illicit lover. It was as though I was reading through the heat that was being generated on the page; my fogged-up glasses created the perfect ambiance for reading about a steamy love affair. It was sexy and delicious, and slightly smudgy to read this way.

So there you go, losing your eyesight and getting glasses can add value to your experience of reading.

Have you had experiences related to getting older that have improved or changed in some way the quality of your life, would love to hear about them 🙂

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