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Set Your Intentions for the New Year

Elizabeth Eat, Pray, Love Gilbert visited Italy, India and Indonesia in order to find herself, but life coach author Lindsay Tighe says that to enjoy a happier life, you simply need to ask yourself better questions (betterquestionsaretheanswer.com)

By asking a few simple questions and coming to your own conclusions, you’re more likely to act on the answer and make changes to your life. To set in motion a memorable year, Lindsay suggests these 10 curly ones:

1. What do I want to have achieved by the end of the year?

2. How do I want to be feeling by the end of the year, and what needs to happen to create those feeling? (This one is particularly important. Whenever you are visioning for your future you need to have a sensory experience of what that feels like. It is the emotion you will experience as a result of an act or achievement that propels you forward).

3. What is the single most important thing for me to learn this year?

4. What do I want to be most proud of when I look back on the year?

5. What is the one thing I can change that will dramatically improve my work/life balance?

6. What can I do to step out of my confront zone this year?

7. Who are the most important people to me, and how can I let them know?

8. What will I do to stretch my mental capacity this year?

9. What is a secret dream I want to make happen this year?

10. What will I regret if I don’t do it, and how can I make it happen?

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