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Stress Less – 10 Way to Chill

Stress is a killer โ€“ literally! Iโ€™m sure you are aware of the associated physical, mental and emotional health problems that are caused by unmanaged stress. So instead of hitting the panic button and depleting your adrenals every time a stressful situation presents itself, take a pro-active approach and (please try to) stress less 🙂

Create A Sanctuary At Home โ€“ even if just one corner of a room, find a place that brings peace to your environment, this is your chill out zone (*NB: people with small children, the toilet is not really a chill out zone).

Use Your Words โ€“ when things arenโ€™t working out for you practice being assertive. The alternative is stress and resentment. Practice with smaller issues and work your way up to more important discussions you would like to have with people that would reduce stress in your world.

Know When To Stop โ€“ sometimes we persist with things long past their expiry date. Stopping is not failure. Stop reading the book that is going nowhere, stop studying when you realise you no longer feel excited by the content, stop the relationship when it isnโ€™t working for you anymore. Just stop!

Soften Your Body โ€“ what is the first thing you do when stress arises, tense your body. Start to become aware of this reaction and start by softening your face and jaw, drop your shoulders and breathe deeply into the belly. You can also shake it off, this can be a great way to release tension.

Use Your Phone Scheduler โ€“ Instead of trying to remember everything you have to do and all of your appointments schedule them to notify you 1 day or 1 hour ahead of time to keep you on track. This way you donโ€™t have the feeling of constantly trying to remember and forgetting things.

Ask Yourself, Will It Matter? โ€“ In a week, in a year, will whatever it is you are stressing about matter? Get some perspective, donโ€™t fall into the trap of needless worry. In the same way you can also ask yourself, whose problem is this? Sometimes we worry about things we have no control over, a total time waster.

Know Your Optimal Sleep Amount and Pattern โ€“ Stay tuned in to the amount of sleep you need and when is your optimal bed and rising time. If you suffer from insomnia seek professional help because without regular good sleep, everything is difficult.

Lower Your Standards โ€“ yes all you perfectionists out there. Who cares if the dishes are done today or tomorrow. Reduce your need to have everything just right, it already just right.

Do Restorative Practices โ€“ Through breathing, meditation, tai chi or restorative yoga, find an actual practice that soothes your central nervous system and allows you to clear your mind.

Do Something Out Of Your Regular Routineย โ€“ this could be as simple as stepping out of your comfort zone. Take an online course, take up painting or cooking. Step out of your regular routine and look for new and interesting opportunities to engage with life. Sometimes when you do this the things you were worried about becoming unimportant.

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