The Bush Essences are a system of healing that anyone can use for themselves or prescribe for others. Although Flower Remedies have been used by many cultures for thousands of years, the Australian Bush Flower Essences meet the great need for remedies that help people address the issues of the 21st century – sexuality, communication skills and spirituality to name but a few. The answer to this need (which has come from the Australian plants), has been developed and researched by Naturopath, Ian White, a fifth generation Australian herbalist from  

Tammie Day from Vibrant Women has developed a series of combination essences taken from the 69 bushflowers available to support women to maintain and enhance their health and wellbeing. Each essence is accompanied by an affirmation, however you can also use your own more specific affirmation that resonates with your specific needs and desired outcomes.

Below is a description of the essence, the bushflowers used in each blend and the affirmation. Each formulation is made from biogenic essences of the stated flowers, purified water and colloidal silver as a natural preservative system. Each essences is taken as 7 drops under the tongue twice a day morning and night, whilst repeating your affirmation. 

If you would like Tammie to make a special blend for you please contact with the issues you would like addressed and she can make a bespoke blend for you with up to three bush flower essences. 


  • 1 x essence is $10 + $7.50 postage
  • 2 x essences are $20 + $5 postage.
  • 3 x essences are $30 no postage.

Acceptance Essence

Sometimes in life we struggle with injustice and unfairness or things just don’t go our way. People, jobs, our partners and health can all disappoint us. Sometimes we get stuck dwelling over issues over which we have no control. This essence helps you to gently release things that you cannot change and focus on the things you can. This does not mean that you are ok with whatever happened, I just means that you are no longer letting it influence your life. You are saying, “That thing happened, I didn’t like it, but it happened, and I’m not going to let it disrupt my life anymore”

Affirmation: I surrender all my disappointments, and judgements and replace them with acceptance.

Bushflowers: Dagger Hakea, Mountain Devil, Rough Bluebell

Addiction Essence

Whether you are having difficulty managing your alcohol intake, the amount of food you eat or how much time spend at work, this essence will help you to maintain more balance in life and ease the cravings. This essence can also help to heal the core issues that are being avoided through the addiction. Over time this essence may ease the guilt and shame associated with addiction so you can feel whole and healed.

Affirmation: I am free from my addictions, I respect my body and love myself.

Bushflowers: Bottlebrush, Monga Waratah, Boronia, Bauhinia and Yellow Cowslip.

Adoption Essence

For people struggling with the challenges associated with being adopted. Regardless of how long you have known you are adopted or how wonderful or challenging your adopted and or biological parents are, this essence will help you to find security, peace and a strong sense of identity regardless of the circumstances surrounding your adoption.

Affirmation: I am loved, I am worthy, everything I need I hold within me.

Bushflowers: Mountain Devil, Boab, Illawara Flame Tree, Pink Flannel Flower.

Adrenal Fatigue Essence

In this ever changing world where demands seem to keep increasing, our hormones can become deleted by daily stressors and not enough down time. This essence supports your body and brain by reminding it to slow down and take the time it needs to repair and rejuvenate. For people who are feeling burnt out or have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue or adrenal fatigue.

Affirmation: I take the time I need to slow down and respect my energy levels.

Bushflower: Paw Paw, Old Man Banksia, Boronia

Anxiety Essence

To help with the release of anxiety and panic. To feel more peace, calm and clarity. Less attached to shoulds and what other people think. Take refuge in the idea that all things change. This essence with help you learn to surf the wave that is anxiety without getting caught in the rip.

Affirmation: I am calm, I am relaxed, I am free of anxiety and panic.

Bushflowers – Dog Rose of the Wild Forces, Boronia, Paw Paw

Balance Essence

This essence has been developed to support you to bring your life into balance. If one thing is out of balance in your life i.e. work, relationship or your health then there is flow on effect. This essence supports you to prioritise what’s important and to focus your energy there, creating a more rewarding, less stressful and more fulfilling life.

Affirmation: My life is in balance and harmony

Bushflowers: Silver Princess, Peach Flower Tea Tree, Crowea, Dog Rose of the Wild Forces.

Calm Essence

To help with the release of the feeling of stress and overcommitment. Bring more peace and playfulness to your life.  Give yourself the gift of letting go and learn to unwind and relax.

Affirmation: I am calm, I am relaxed, I am at peace.

Bushflowers – Little Flannel Flower, Black Eyed Susan and Jacaranda

Conflict Avoider Essence

For people who avoid difficult interactions because they don’t want to hurt the other person or are uncomfortable with other people’s emotions. This essence will support you to be more assertive and true to yourself.

Affirmation: A tackle difficult challenges with ease. I am safe to speak my truth.

Bushflowers: Tall Mulla Mulla, Bush Fuchsia, Bauhinia

Depression Essence

For people who have been feeling flat, lethargic and who are experiencing a general lack of enthusiasm or joy for life for a period of more than three weeks. This essence has been created to help you manage the numbness and guilt that comes with depression and help you to find gratitude in the everyday small things, over time leading to a more enduring sense of life satisfaction.

Affirmation: I am not my mood, my mood changes, I accept where I am today and notice what I am grateful for.

Bushflowers: Banksia Robur, Macrocarpa, Sunshine Wattle, Christmas Bell

Empaths Essence

Empaths are highly sensitive, finely tuned instruments when it comes to emotions. They feel everything, sometimes to an extreme, and are less apt to intellectualise feelings. Intuition is the filter through which they experience the world. Empaths are naturally giving, spiritually attuned, and good listeners. This however can leave empaths vulnerable to ath, Ian White, a fifth genend being taken advantage of. This essence will help you balance your empathy with boundaries and self-care.

Bushflowers: Fringed Violet, Kangaroo paw, Alpine Mint Bush 

Family Issues Essence

Our childhood development is critican is made from biogenic essences If our childhood was somehow traumatic we can carry this with us into adulthood making it difficult for us to have healthy relationships. This essence supports us to release the negative family patterns that keep us locked into this struggle. This essenceE

Affirmation: I release all past negative family patterns, they can no longer bind me, I am free.

Bushflowers – Boab, Red Helmet Orchid, Billy Goat Plum

Fear Essence

Sometimes fear can take over our lives. This can occur after a traumatic event, or be part of a phobia or even just come out of the blue i.e. a fear of our children being harmed. Often we have projected (real or imagined) fear about things that we have no control over and that haven’t even happened yet! To quote Mark Twain ““I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” Regardless of whatever the fear is or where it comes from this essence with help to relinquish fears grip on your heart and allow you to  breathe again.

Affirmation: When I am afraid, I embrace my inner strengths and transform fear into power.

Bushflowers – Grey Spider Flower, Mulla Mulla, Green Spider Orchard

 Grief and Loss Essence

For people who feel stuck in grief unable to let go or move on over a situation, person or event. This essence will help you to keep the core of the issue in your heart to avoid further feelings of loss, however will gently allow you to release anything that is holding you back.

Affirmation: I now willing release anything that is holding me back. I hold in my heart everything I need to carry with me.

Bushflowers: Red Suva Frangipani, Sturt Desert Pea, Hakea Dagger, Autumn Leaves

Hormone Balance Essence

At different stages in life as women our hormones can feel out of balance, you know when you just don’t feel like you! Whether you, (and everyone else around you!) are suffering from PMT or menopause, this essence can help to bring you back into balance and harmony. Developed to remind you that things may not always be what they seem, you will have new insight into your moods and actions, supporting you to feel more grounded and centered and less driven by an psychopathic maniac (hee hee).

Affirmation: I am balanced, grounded and centered. I take the time to understand my moods and emotions, I don’t let them control me.

Bushflowers: Peach Flowered Tea Tree, Spinifex, She Oak, Old Man Banksia

Intuition Essence

For people who have lost faith in their ability to trust their intuition or for those who want to increase their intuitive abilities. This essence helps you to believe in yourself, your feeling and decisions and connect you to a higher power.

Affirmation: I trust my intuition, I am guided by a divine essence.

Bushflowers: Bush Fuchsia, Red Lily, Paw Paw

Letting Go/Releasing Essence

Sometimes in life things happen that are difficult to transition from. If you are taking this essence then you have realized that it is time to heal old wounds and make way for a new world. This does not mean your pain and suffering goes unacknowledged. Everything in your life to date has made you the person you are today. Now you can take the lesson and let go of the suffering. This essence can also support the process of forgiveness.

Affirmation: I am whole and I am free

Bushflowers: Red Grevillea, Sturt Desert Pea, Southern Cross, Monga Waratah, Bauhinia

Meditation Essence

To support you to stay centered grounded and focused during formal mediation practice and to be in the present moment in your everyday life.

Affirmation: My mind is clear and focused, I am at peace within myself.

Bushflowers: Black-Eyed Susan, Sundew, Red Lily

Mothers Essence

You know it – Mothers have too much to do. Sometimes life can feel overwhelmed by competing demands. Don’t fall into the trap of becoming resentful, don’t become a martyr, don’t snap. Step back, breathe and take some time for yourself. This blend will help you to calm down woman! PS: Book  a retreat with Vibrant Women ASAP!!

Affirmation: It is important to take time for myself so I have energy for others.

Bushflowers: Alpine Mint Bush, Southern Cross, Old Man Banksia

Past Hurts Essence

We have all had disappointments and losses. Many of us have experienced abandonment and betrayal. We absorb many of these painful experiences, learn something and move on. Sometimes however, hurts sticks to us. The bad experience becomes a reference point for what we can expect from other people, from ourselves and from life itself. We can find it difficult to trust and to start out in neutral with new people. It makes building and maintaining a loving relationship especially hard. This essence will help you to become unstuck from past pain and move forward in life in a new and positive direction unencumbered.

Affirmation: I willingly release all past hurts and traumas to make way for new and inspiring events in my life.

Bushflowers – Wisteria, Dagger Hakea, Pink Mulla Mulla, Isopogan

Relationship Essence

If your relationships in your life are not working right, then nothing works right. It can be very stressful have relationship issues. The issues are many and varied and related to all different types of relationships, friendships, intimate relationships and familial relationships, relationships with your children and colleagues, too many to name. However if you are having any relationship issues this essence will help you to find a way through to more secure ground and less conflict. It can also help to increase your feelings of connection and attraction in romantic relationships.

 Affirmation: My relationships are healthy and free from disharmony.

Bushflowers – Slender Rice Flower, Flannel Flower, Bush Gardenia, Wisteria, Wedding Bush

Self-Love Essence

Too often we put ourselves last, but not anymore! This essence will support you to celebrate your uniqueness and promote your own welfare and wellbeing. Also useful for re-building confidence after a knock to your self esteem.

Affirmation: I love myself unconditionally and consider my needs in all interactions.

Bushflowers – Dog Rose, Five Corners, Billy Goat Plum, Illawara Flame Tree

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