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Vibrant Women Travel Survey 2021

Hi Girls,

Recently I did a survey via my newsletter in regards to future travels. I thought you might like to see the responses. Keep in mind that responses were in direct relationship to my questions relating to Vibrant Women so I only had about 7 destinations to choose from, not worldwide 🙂 Also just note for some questions you could add more than one response and you did not need to answer all questions. Also, there were more questions than what I have put on the info-graphic but I just couldn’t fit them all in 🙂 Something I couldn’t fit on the graph which may interest you is 15 people said they would travel as soon as borders open overseas, regardless. 17 said once covid safe measures were in place they would travel overseas. 4 said definitely not in 2021. 8 said maybe if a vaccine is created and 20 said they are unsure and waiting for things to unfold to see first.

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