What we eat on retreat, you won’t be hangry – take a peek

Answering your questions and dispelling myths about attending a Retreat

We answer some commonly asked questions to dispel any myths, fears or concerns.

Are you going to starve me?

Will I have to drink only juice and not be allowed any caffeine or alcohol?

What the??

NO way ― we are civilised and most women do have a glass or two of wine with dinner ― you are on holidays after all! Um unless it is an actual detox retreat then the food may be vegetarian or raw and coffee, tea and wine may not be available, check the details.

Otherwise, meals are healthy and the menu varies according to local produce. We always include some dining out, and usually some dancing and cocktails as well. We want you to feel care for and nurtured.

These photos have been taken from actual meals we eat on our retreats. You will not go hungry on one of our retreats (even the health ones!). On our retreats as you can see we provide amazing food. The fact that you don’t have to prepare the meal or wash up is just an added bonus!

*Note for our sightseeing tours we eat out for a lot of meals as we are travelling around and having more of a holiday experience. This gives you flexibility to try lots of different foods that are to your taste. Afternoon G & T’s are often on the cards too 🙂 A sightseeing tour is different in this respect to a retreat.

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