Our Retreats are self-care packages that include nurturing, personal development and cultural/spiritual activities.

Our Inspirational Journeys are sightseeing adventures to inspiring places.

Imagine ………… Waking up for five gorgeous mornings in the stunning Sunshine Coast Hinterland to the sound of birds and nothing else. Moving your body in ways that are gentle and create a deep sense of release and relaxation so you sleep deeply. Eat delicious meals prepared lovingly just for you, around a table filled with new friends seeking the same as you, to feel connected and replenished.  Engage in meaningful classes, workshops and activities to educate and enliven you. Quieten your mind. Connect with your inner self, and your heart, letting a little bit of joy float around inside you. Be inspired by nature. Becoming more YOU in 2022 as you feel more aligned in all that you do. Feel replenished and excited about the future. Enjoy some real “me” time!

In very little need for introduction, there are a million reasons to travel to Greece. Greece offers sunshine, seafood, whitewashed houses with bright-blue shutters, and a relaxed, Zorba-the-Greek lifestyle. As the cradle of Western civilization, it has some of the world’s greatest ancient monuments. While it’s a late bloomer in the modern age and retains echoes of a simpler, time-passed world, contemporary Greece has one of Europe’s fastest-changing cultural landscapes. With its classical past, hang-loose present, and edgy future, Greece offers something for every traveler. Read on and get inspired to join us now!

Spain and Portugal conjure images of flamenco dancers, sangria, tapas, café-lined plazas, sleepy villages with white-washed houses, olive groves, soaring cathedrals, ancient Roman ruins to vast plains and high mountain peaks. This modern country offers top-notch museums, inventive cuisine and never fails to open up travelers’ eyes, minds and hearts. From the country to the coast, their landscapes and varied cultures are well worth exploring.

This Inspirational Journey is for you if, you want to explore an ancient and magical place. You want to travel to an exotic location, but perhaps wouldn’t do it on your own. You really enjoy eating Moroccan food and trying new things. You adore learning about different cultures and peoples. You are excited to explore the souks and medinas with all their colour and vibrancy. Two nights in an historic Kasbah has you imagining Arabian Nights. A nights in the desert glamping under the stars sounds like heaven to you. Stepping back in time, few places hold the romantic allure of Morocco.

From the enigmatic aura of the Sphinx to the imposing glory of the Pyramids, imagine stepping into the Land of the Pharaohs and discovering the exotic charms of evocative Egypt with our wonderful Egyptologist. Can you see yourself relaxing on the deck of our river boat cruising the Nile, sipping mint tea after just having had a blissful massage, wondering if this is what Cleopatra felt like! Picture yourself in the souks with the colours and smells of an ancient world shopping for cotton, alabaster and jewellery. Or visiting one of the local perfumeries and learning about the healing wonders of different herbs and flowers, whilst stocking up on beautiful oils. Walk with us through the ancient wonders – Valley of the Kings, King Tut’s Tomb, and the Temple of Karnak. This is a world only imagined in your wildest dreams and we have created the ultimate package to Egypt that will enchant and capture your heart during your trip but also for many years to come.

We have created this tour as an add on from our “Enchanting Egypt Tour” however it can also be a stand alone tour. We start in the stunning coastal town of Sharm El Sheik, holiday destination to the rich and famous Egyptians, and then we move to the cool vibes of Dahab, home to deep sea divers and expat hippies. Our stay in Dahab focusses on visiting Mt Sinai and St Catherine’s Monastery, the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments. 

After this we cross by ferry to Wadi Rum and explore this sandstone wonder, followed by floated in the Dead Sea and visiting the Jerash one of the most beautiful and best-preserved Graeco-Roman cities. We conclude our tour in Petra and Amman.