Deep Peace Detox Retreat

There are no dates currently set for this retreat, you can however grab 6 buddies and book this retreat for a private group, this requires 7 people in total. Please contact us for more details or complete the expression of interest below 🙂

This program focuses on detoxing and cleansing through juice fasting, (abstinence from food). Designed to increase your overall well being. You will be provided with 6 days of juices to cleanse your body and create clarity in your mind.  Juice fasting is recommended to do 2 – 4 times a year and is the best way to eliminate toxins from the body in a short period of time. Resting your organs, resetting your metabolism, creating deep peace in the mind and body. This is a truly beneficial experience.

Guided by the amazing Dr Yulli who is a medical practitioner as well as a natural health advocate and anti-aging specialist, you will receive an individual health consultation, quality natural herbs and supplements and 2 workshops on the benefits of detoxing and creating a healthy lifestyle, through nutrition, fasting, exercise and rest. 

In addition to support your journey to total rejuvenation we have included massages, facials, body scrubs, the use of infra red sauna and swimming pool to inhance the detoxification process and increase your immune response, leaving you with glowing skin and renewed energy.

We haven’t forgotten your mental and emotional health either, yoga and meditation will also be provided daily to support you to calm your mind and move your body. Restorative practices such as breathing techniques, restorative yoga and tai chi will also be provided by Tammie Day – Founder of Vibrant Women to soothe your sympathetic nervous system. Perfect for people suffering from adrenal fatigue, mood imbalances or just those wanting to enhance their well-being.

When was the last time you felt truly at peace? This retreat will remind you of who you used to be before life took over. Good health is the ultimate gift to yourself.

We know that as busy, modern people you will need to check your emails etc. so internet access will be provided during the afternoons each day (bandwidth is limited so we ask people to refrain from streaming videos and skyping). There are no televisions in the rooms, which leaves time for reading, relaxing, swimming, spa treatments and taking afternoon naps. Please note that at our villa we six white doves and lots of fish. If you have allergies to these animals please let us know, you do not need to interact with them but we think its important you know they will be around from time to time to make you smile and keep you entertained.

We are also located in a local village within walking distance to Ubud town, however nature is prevalent so it is important to know that village life and nature may also contribute to your experience in the form of religious ceremonies, small geckos, insects and crowing roosters. Apart from this you can expect to have a relaxing time.

These are just some of the potential benefits of juice fasting and live detoxing. 

  • A boost in energy

  • Sound sleep

  • Clear skin, strong nails and hair

  • Weight loss and body re-composition

  • Increased motivation and enthusiasm

  • Elevated mood

  • Mental clarity

  • Decrease in pain and inflammation in the body

  • Good bowel habits

  • Stronger immune system

  • Improvement in blood circulation

  • Reduced cravings etc. The list goes on and on and each individual has their own unique experience to take away with them.

The Place

Ubud is culture, yes. It’s also home to good restaurants, cafes and streets of shops, many selling goods from the region’s artisans. The local village of Penestanan where we are staying in is home to “The Young Artists of Bali”.

Ubud’s popularity continues to grow, adding on the hoopla created by the bestselling Eat, Pray, Love.

During this retreat you will be cocooned along a footpath, behind some high walls to a serene paradise, where if you choose not to you do not have to leave for the entire time. If you do choose to leave however, the centre of town, markets and shopping district is just a 20 minute walk away. 

The Space

Our Villa is located in the compound of the Bali residence of Indonesia’s famous art and craft guru Warwick Purser. Spread over a three-storey building, seven en-suite bedrooms with six double and one twin beds will accommodate us.

The Villa has many little sheltered break out areas over three levels so you can always find a quiet space to read a book or catch up and chat with a friend over herbal tea.

At the ground floor we will prepare your juice in an open-style kitchen and you will be enjoying it facing a tropical garden and a long lap pool. You will find two living rooms – one opened, one closed – and one bedroom. You can even relax at the sauna, which is quite exceptional in Bali.

The first floor gathers three bedrooms – two double and one twin – three salons and a opened terrace. The top floor bedroom – called “The Honeymoon suite” – features a pavilion and open terrace. You will enjoy massages in a quiet atmosphere, close to heaven… On the other side of the pool a small villa houses the additional two bedrooms and small kitchen and living space.

Program Itinerary




Optional extra’s (additional cost)

Payment Options

A $500AUD non refundable deposit will secure your place on this retreat. This deposit of $500AUD is non refundable which is why travel insurance is compulsory. The remainder is to be paid one month prior to the start of the retreat. Alternatively you can arrange a payment plan. Please see your options below.

Deposits can be paid via Direct Bank Transfer or via PayPal.

If you pay via PayPal you can use your credit card.

Direct Bank Deposit

Vibrant Women – National Australia Bank
BSB: 082810
Acct No: 876225650

For International Guests (outside of Australia) Swift Code: NATAAU3302S

Please write your name and retreat in the reference section.


$500 Deposit via PayPal (3% surcharge applied) Credit Card Option

Cancellation Policy

Up until 30 days before the start of the retreat A $500AUD non refundable deposit will be retrained for 30 days or less $1000AUD will will be forfeited as this is peak season in Bali and we have had to pay to secure this accommodation well in advance, this money will not be returned to us, this is why travel insurance is compulsory.