Amritsar & Dharamshala

*This tour starts in Delhi and ends in Dharamshala. Please book flights accordingly

Imagine a week in the foothills of the Himalayas, in the home of His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama, surrounded by beautiful nature, eating delicious vegetarian Indian food, relaxing, dreaming, just imagine ……..

Join us on a mesmerising exploration of Northern India’s most captivating destinations. From the spiritual heart of Amritsar to the tranquil heights of McCleod Ganj, the stunning views of the lesser Himalayas, tea plantation and ceramics in Andretta, Art Class at the Norbulingka Institute immerse yourself in an experience that transcends ordinary travel.

See you in Northern India!

Oh the places we'll go ......

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This tour has a $500 deposit and the remainder is due 75 prior to departure. 






This tour has a lot of walking and requires a moderate level of fitness. There are steep stairs, uneven roads and footpaths. You may need to walk several kilometres in a day. You need to be fairly fit to attend this tour.

Vibrant Women with a heart ♥

Please know that $25 of your booking goes towards supporting our charity Samadhan Dwarka and the amazing work they do in supporting children with an intellectual disability in India, so THANK YOU!

If you want to make the most of your adventure you can join our “Nepal Nature Retreat” after this trip.

From the Pokhara trekking experience with an excellent view of the Annapurna ranges and beautiful sunrise and sunsets over the Himalayas, to a rejuvenating yoga retreat in Nammo Buddha, be surprised by the landscapes and diversity Nepal has to offer. 

See you in Nepal!

If you have any questions regarding this tour, just contact us at admin@vibrantwomen.com.au