Spectacular Spain

Spain conjure images of flamenco dancers, sangria, tapas, café-lined plazas, sleepy villages with white-washed houses, olive groves, soaring cathedrals, ancient Roman ruins to vast plains and high mountain peaks. These modern countries offers top-notch museums, inventive cuisine and they never fail to open up travellers’ eyes, minds and hearts. From the country to the coast, its landscapes and varied cultures are what we will be exploring.

Oh the places we'll go ......

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This tour has a $500 deposit and the remainder is due 75 prior to departure.




Meet Your Vibrant Women Host

Tammie Day

Tammie is the founder of Vibrant Women, a retreat and travel company. She spends her days creating inspirational journeys so you can travel in the security of a small group, whilst enjoying another culture. Tammie’s role is to ensure you feel well taken care of throughout your trip.  She is constantly sourcing the most enchanting places to run her Inspirational Journeys.


Hailing from London, UK and having been an avid travelled and lived in France, Spain and Italy, Seleena has now made Morocco her home. She thrives on adventure and meeting new people! She can speak seven languages including French, Italian, Spanish and Arabic and loves to share her experiences with others!


This tour has a lot of walking and requires a moderate level of fitness. There are steep stairs, uneven roads and footpaths. markets are large , you may need to walk several kilometres in a day. You need to be fairly fit to attend this tour.

Vibrant Women with a heart ♥

Please know that $25 of your booking goes towards supporting our charity Samadhan Dwarka and the amazing work they do in supporting children with an intellectual disability in India, so THANK YOU!

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“I would sooner be a foreigner in Spain than in most countries. How easy it is to make friends in Spain!” – George Orwell