We know, “Girls just want to have Fun!”

Our Inspirational Journeys are sightseeing adventures to inspiring places

Vibrant Women Travel provides inspirational journeys for women

Shared adventures in extraordinary places

Bespoke, curated, fully escorted, small group women’s travel

Experiences for the soul

Whether you are someone who has been bitten by the travel bug, or just a curious beginner adventurer, all of your needs will be taken care of with us. If you want to feel inspired and vibrant and engaged with life you should definitely consider our list of reasons why you might wish to travel with us.

We have sourced the most amazing and unique locations and accommodations we could find. We want adventure and to explore something very different from our everyday lives. And we want to do it in the safety of a small, all female group. Connecting with natural beauty, architecture, art, music, shopping, food, culture, we want you to feel in awe of the world. Whether it’s hunting for truffles in Tasmania, or sleeping in a yurt in Spain. Listening to a storyteller in the Jma El Fnna square in Marrakech, or having a monkey steal your banana over breakfast in Sri Lanka. Seeing elephants in their natural habitat, or watching the sunrise and set in the Sahara. We want to collect moments we will never forget.

Whether dealing with busy traffic or a pandemic, our staff have your safety as our number one priority. We take all precautions and measures to ensure our guests are safe at all times. We stay abreast of all local information and activities from weather issues to street closures due to a once a year marathon that is being run. We know what’s happening on the ground so you can get the most of your journey in small group comfort. 

I know it sounds a bit mundane but we want you to be comfortable. From properly ventilated or air-conditioned rooms with good beds, (unfortunately Asian beds are on the hard side we cannot control this) to enough space to sit on the bus, to having water while waiting for a flight, to making sure we have enough rest stops, we do everything we can so you can be comfortale, there is nothing worse than going on holiday and not being able to enjoy it because you are tired and cranky! Also on our tours you don’t have to twinshare, (which can be compulsory sometimes) spread out, you can! From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, wea re taking care of you so you can relax, totally stress free travel. 

We negotiate on behalf of our clients to keep our prices affordable. You can choose twinshare if you enjoy sharing and we will match you up with someone. Sometimes we choose shoulder seasons so we can pass on better discounts, however weather is important to us so we never sacrifice price for comfort. It is true you will find a package deal cheaper than one of our tours, and this is great for a family holiday around the pool with lots of kids and families having fun, but we offer a different experience, yes an experience which leads me to the next reason.

Our holidays are different and bespoke. We like to connect with and contribute to the culture and to the lives of the people we visit in the communities we are staying. We do this in a variety of ways. In addition to our chosen charity, our holidays also give you the opportunity to connect with local people and learn about local traditions. Yyou may learn a bit more about Ayurvedic medicine in Sri Lanka, or take a Bollywood dance class in Mumbai. Make your own bespoke perfume in Marrakech, or explore bamboo house architecture in Bali. Pick vegetables from the garden and have a Thai cooking class in Chiang Rai. Enjoy an evening dinner floating down the Nile dressed as Cleopatra. Yes we see all the “must see” sights be we also include some unique activities too, Portugeuse tart cooking class in Lisbon with Drag Queens anyone??

Skilled, experienced and professional Tour Guides: – Every trip comes with an expert Host and Tour Guide responsible for enriching the journey, offering local insight, adding unique personal perspective, and generally making each trip the very best it can be. In addition to local guides, each tour also has a Vibrant Women Hostess, someone whose role it is to care for the group. Not know all of the details of each location visited but just to ensure people are taken care of, for example if you need something from the pharmacy, aren’t feeling well or are worried about your loved ones at home, then your hostess is there to help. She is your emotional support person during your tour and the back up for our tour guide. 

People on average attend on our trips every two years, we have a large contingent of returning guests which makes us think we are doing something right, however we are constantly striving to improve our programs and come up with new and exciting adventures for you all. You can read our testimonials here and view our video testimonials here to see what people are saying about us.

We want our holidays to feel like a group of girls just hanging out and having fun together. We take the old adage that strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet seriously. Women support and nurture each other, it’s wonderful to experience the group bonding and the tears at the end when we say goodbye, the friendships formed are often lasting.

We have taken care of everything for you, this is the perfect way to travel for people who are time poor or just don’t know where to start with organising a trip for themselves, or those wanting to travel by themselves but like the security of being in a group. From the moment you arrive at the airport you do not have to think about a single thing until we drop you back at the airport, (we hope you do though occasionally). We pride ourselves on being organised and meeting everyone’s individual needs throughout the journey.

In small and large ways, nearly everyone says something about having their life changed for the better. We want you to feel a little stretched out of your comfort zone, but not too much. We want you try something new like yoga or a new food or start to think about things slightly differently. We want you to view life and the world as an amazing place that you are connected to. We want you to find your mojo. Again our testimonials will give you a glimpse of how this has happened for other people.

We love what we do and we pour our love into our inspirational journeys and we want you to feel that when you travel with us. It’s personal, we want you to have an amazing time and we will not settle for anything less. Join us and let us take you on an adventure.