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The Beauty of Keeping it Small

Something I love about our tours is the size of the groups. For most tours we take between 12 and 18 women, for our upcoming Port Douglas Tour we are taking just 8 women. On some of our overseas tours we can allocate larger numbers, but we still cap it usually at 18. On one rare occasion we had 22 but that was because people kept adding friends and family so we couldn’t really say no to that.

Numbers are balanced with available rooms at chosen accommodation 🏢 and transport options 🚍 . We could easily take more people and be greedy but really I just think to myself, “come on Tammie you know how long it takes 30 women to go to the toilet! forget it!”🚽 So we like to keep it small, like family. I love that many women meet again, again on our tours its a real community. And even end up buddying up for twinshare options on future trips 👭

Something else I’ve noticed whilst planning for our Tropical Escape ~ Port Douglas is that we are very blessed to be able to offer such a private experience for our guests. All of our day tours, (except the day sailing to Low Isle) are private just for us. No kids, or annoying unaware people, (all of my guests are perfectly polite and have mastered social skills). This means we have buses and guides all to ourselves, even in Port Douglas for just 8 people 😁 And really even for our Low Isle day cruise, we have the cream of the crop on a catamaran with a max capacity of 33 as opposed to Quicksilver that takes 155 and caters to families. It’s not that we don’t like children and grandchildren, we do, its just that we’ve left them at home for a reason 😉

Can you tell I’m loving getting back into booking everything again! Port Douglas is my first group tour since March last year so after having a flat and stressful 2020/2021 I’m feeling reinvigorated again. I hope you can join us soon on an Australian adventure. Tammie xx

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