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The Benefits of Making New Friends

There comes a time when you may have a lot of friends in your life, which is certainly a blessing. You might not feel the need to actively make new friends, but before you decide that the current friendships you have are enough, here are some things to consider.

We want to encourage you to join one of our Inspirational Journeys as a twinshare participant and make a new friend and here are some of the reasons why …

Improved Cognition

Meeting new people stimulates your brain. As little as ten minutes of interacting with others increases cognitive performance, according to research published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Actively using the parts of your brain required to talk to other people and process social cues wakes up these parts of your brain and allows for better cognitive scores. Cognitive performance, such as scoring better on memory tests, is a great thing in all arenas including work and school. This suggests that going out and talking to new folks does more than just make you the life of the party. It also serves to give your brain a workout.

Exposure to New Ideas

Talking to people outside your usual group of friends you introduce you to other interests and ideas to ponder. Whether they expose you to a hobby, get you passionate about the environment or spark an interest in metal working, meeting new people expands your horizons through a free exchange of ideas and gives you more opportunities for exploration as time goes on.

More Social Supports

Social supports are critical for emotional health, and meeting new people through shared activities can lead to lasting friendships, notes 2011 research published in Developmental Psychology. By expanding your network of friends, you are more likely to have someone available for support in trying times as well as opportunities to explore new activities with people you meet.

Health Protection

Social and emotional support is protective for health. Social supports reduce stress by giving you an outlet to process difficult emotions. This reduced stress lends itself to lower stress hormones which allows for fewer stress-related health issues such as heart conditions. By going out and meeting new friends, you may inadvertently be providing yourself with a greater chance of good physical health later on.

Reinvent Yourself

Old friends are great but they can keep us stuck in personalities that have reached their used by date. It’s hard for us to grow when people keep taking us back to people who we are no longer connected to or trying to transcend. New friends will see us with fresh eyes and open hearts which enable us to be just who we are at that point in time.

Fun and Laughter

Like anything new in life it can give us a new perspective and be fun and entertaining. New relationships are fun and exciting, think of it as the female equivalent of Bromance, which might be Womanance? Or Sismance?? We are open to suggestions of this.

Make a New Travel Buddy

The perfect travel buddy is hard to find, one that doesn’t snore, (or can live with your snoring) and keeps a similar routine to you is priceless. But seriously can save you lots of $$$ on single supplements.

We currently have a stack of new friends waiting to meet you and are seeking twin share roommates. You can visit our Retreat and Inspirational Journey events page HERE and join our Travel Sisters Facebook Group HERE 

Make a new friend and make someone else’s dream of attending a retreat or inspirational journey come true.

Even if you never attend one of our retreats we would encourage you to make some time to get out and meet some new friends, it is such an important part of life, Enjoy!

I look forward to meeting you on your next adventure,

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