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Seville is not just about oranges it is also about giant wooden sculptures!

The old quarter of Seville was a bit quiet when we arrived to find our accommodation. However, after driving around the block three times and looking at this amazing structure we kept saying we must have the address of our hotel wrong as it seemed as though we had to drive up the right hand side of this giant wooden sculpture. And eventually we did, the people in a cafe just got up and moved table and chairs so we could pass to get to our hotel!  The hotel palace Seville.

Once we checked in and were told parking was a street away so unfortunately everyone had to up-sticks again so we could get back out, me explaining, “We’re Australian” to this we received lots of nodding and shaking heads, ah that makes sense, bloody Australians!

Las Setas de Seville is known as Metropol Parasol internationally. It’s the only modern landmark that stands out amongst the old buildings located in Seville. At first, we were wondering why a huge modern building constructed in the middle of Seville old quarter. We were not the only ones who wondered. Metropol Parasol stirred a lot of controversy in the past for being the only modern landmark in the old neighbourhood. Now, I think everyone is happy for having Metropol Parasol as a place to visit in Seville.

Las Setas de Encarnacion is the Spanish name for Metropol Parasol due to is its giant shape mushroom-like. Las Setas de Sevilla is claimed to be the largest wooden structure in the world. The apart from the design, the most interesting part of Metropol Parasol is the open air observation deck that has direct view to the old city quarter where the Cathedral is. With the entrance fee of 3 euro we could access the observation deck and get a free drink.

Metropol Parasol however is not as popular as any other historical buildings in Seville. It’s a place for anyone who like to sit, relax, sip a drink while enjoying the city view and the wind breeze except in summer when temperature can reach to 44C! We could see it from our very compact but bijou room.

There’s a market located on the ground floor selling local produce, meat and seafood and some cute cafes and of course our hotel. Which you can see in the pic above, The Palace Seville, small rooms but very sweet and full of antiques.

We loved Seville and can’t wait to go again on our Spectacular Spain and Portugal Tour even though we have different accommodation in an area easier area to get around from, we will still pay a visit to Las Setas de Encarnacion.

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